Hair Journey

Faux Locs Bob Crochet Braids

Hey guys, so I recently put my hair up in its next protective style and I was presently surprised with the outcome. As an architecture student, having the idea in your head successfully manifest physically is fulfilling.

I knew I wanted a bob look and I didn’t want to waste too much of the braids (by having to cut it into a bob after installing), so I had to find an efficient way of installing the hair. The point is to have short hair at the back that gradually lengthens towards the front.

Based on that logic, I varied the length of the braids for different sections of my hair: back, crown and the front.

This way I used less braids and there was very little shaping to be done at the end.

I got the golden accessories from Ebrahim’s Supermarket on Moi Avenue; and the hair I used is Super Dread by Sistar.

I’ll share how I take care of my hair in crochet braids as time goes by. See you on the next one. ❤


9 thoughts on “Faux Locs Bob Crochet Braids

  1. The very idea I had in mind. I’m also an architecture student and currently want a low manipulation hairstyle. This article is spot on.
    Thank you.

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