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DIY Crochet Wig

Hey guys.

I recently made a crochet wig using a braided wig cap and I’m loving it.

What you’ll need:

I got the braided wig cap from Dubois Street in Nairobi for Kshs. 600, in one of those shops that sell hair extensions, weaves, wigs etc. The braiding hair I’m using is Glory by Darling Kenya and that one pack was more than enough. I also a wig head from Dubois Street.

I started from the back of the cap through to the front.

I skipped a row as I went (crocheted every other row) just to make sure I don’t pack too much hair because the wig cap has too many cornrows!

The wig cap comes with clips on the back and on the sides for security and its adjustable. Since its a crochet wig, I can get multiple uses from one cap by simply removing the old hair, washing it and installing new hair, so economical.

I wore a shear wig cap underneath to protect my hair from the wig cap. It also keep the wig from moving. The end result was really fulfilling, as you can tell.

Here’s the tutorial video which explains the process a lot better.



See you on the next one ❤


2 thoughts on “DIY Crochet Wig

  1. Oh I love it, beautiful job! I have just some mesh caps at home ready to try the same thing. I wish I’d aid a bit extra and got a braided cap now but will take on board your note about wearing another cap underneath.

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I thought of using the mesh one before stumbling on the braided one, but I got lazy because I figured it would take a lot longer to finish.
      The one underneath is really necessary I believe 👍

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