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DIY T-shirt Weave Watch Straps

Hey guys.

So one of the straps on my watch cut and I was not ready to let it go just yet. I remember a weave pattern I learned years ago in primary school in fine arts class. Its really simple and quick to do.

You’ll need:

  • Watch face
  • Old t-shirt
  • Pair of scissors

Cut the t-shirt into strips and pull them to make the jersey fabric roll onto itself. Any printed sections will not roll up, so avoid those.

To make the weave, wrap the t-shirt string around your index finger twice, pull the furthest loop over the loop closest to your fingertip and tug to tighten.

Repeat this weaving process to a length that can comfortably fit around your wrist. Your weave should look like this.

Once you get to the end, pass the end of the t-shirt string through the last loop to tie a knot. If you end up making it too long, simply undo the knot you just made and pull the t-shirt string to your preferred length then tie the knot again. I used two of these straps.

Pass the loose end through the watch strap gap and tie a knot at the back; do the same with the second strap.

Pass the other loose ends through the opposite watch strap gaps and tie a knot at the back as well. Cut of the excess ‘string’ and you’re done.

The jersey fabric of the t-shirt is stretchy so putting it on is easy. Here’s the video incase my prose wasn’t easy to follow.


I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. See you on the next one. 💜



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