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How To Make Coconut Oil at Home

Hey guys,

So recently I made coconut oil myself and it turned out okay, so I had to share of course. Contrary to most people, my hair does not like coconut oil. It makes my hair itch like crazy and my hair is always dry when I use it. So I crossed it off my list (I use olive, castor and amla oils now).

However, coconut oil has done wonders for my face. I use it after washing my face with turmeric soap. So needless to say all I need is a small tub of coconut oil to last me a good month or more. That’s the thing, one coconut will yield very little oil, so if you’re looking to make enough for like a prepoo, you may need a number of them (and a lot of time).

So let’s get started. You’ll need:

  • Coconut(s)
  • Knife & spoon
  • Bowls(at least 3)
  • Blender
  • Sieve
  • Pan
  • Container/jar to store the oil in

Break/crack the coconut and drain the coconut water. You can drink it if you’d like; I used mine to rinse my hair after washing because why not?

Remove the coconut from the shell, clean them under running water and chop it into small workable pieces that won’t choke up your blender 😀

Add the coconuts into the blender with water enough to submerge them and blend until you can’t anymore.

Strain the now ‘coconut milk’ from the blended coconut into a bowl, discarding the desiccated coconut into another bowl.

Add more water into the desiccated coconut to strain even more coconut milk from it. The goal is to get as much coconut milk from the coconut. Repeat this twice or thrice more.

Leave the coconut milk to sit overnight for the cream to separate from the milk.

The next day, separate the cream into a pan and cook the cream on medium heat until it turns brown; the oil will have separated by then.

Sieve the oil into your container/jar and your oil is ready to use.

Let me know if you choose to try to make your own too.

Here’s the video of the process:


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See you on the next one ❤


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