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DIY Ankle Straps

Happy New Year people!

How fresh is that feeling? I’m so grateful to be alive 🙂 hopefully you are too.

To the business of the day: don’t ask me why I did this. I just felt like it, call it spur of the moment. I really like how they turned out. These ankle straps turn a boring old pair into something ‘new’. Perfect timing right?


  1. You’ll need a pair of scissors, needle and thread, ribbon, elastic and your shoes of course.
  2. Cut a short strip of the ribbon, fold it in half and sew it on the inside back of the shoe.
  3. Measure your ankle and cut that length of elastic, twice.
  4. Pass the elastic through the ribbon loop, overlap the ends and stitch it shut.

That’s it. This is possible on flats as well as heels. You can always use fabric glue as a substitute for stitching.

I took the liberty of drawing out this easy peasy pictorial for you (in case you don’t read books without pictures):

DIY Ankle Straps

Or, this video, in case you watch movies instead of read books:

See you on the next one ❤


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