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3 DIY Bra Hacks

Hey there goodies 🙂

I won’t bore you with reasons why I wasn’t posting, the point is I’m back. Onto today’s post.

We all know We’re all supposed to know that revealing your bra straps is NOT cute, but clearly that’s not the case. Sometimes you have that top or dress that will just leave your strap(s) peaking and these 3 simple DIYs will help with such problems


The annoying racer-back 

They don’t do what they’re supposed to (hide the straps). An easy way off creating a ‘racer-back bra’ is making a tiny ‘clasp’ that will pull those straps together under your top.

What you’ll need:


Cut your bra strap about 6cm into the adjustable end, then stitch down the cut end to create a loop. That’s it


To use it, put on your bra, lengthen your straps to the end, clasp it around the straps at the back and adjust the straps to fit. Easy peasy!


PicMonkey Collage
See, it works


The low cut bra 

When you have this really sexy low cut top/dress but you can’t wear it because your bra cuts across your back like its doing a sprint 😀 All you need is an extender that can pull down your bra.

What you’ll need:


The elastic needs to be a bit tight around your waist

Cut out the hook-and-eye part from the old bra and attach the hooks to one side of the elastic and the eyes to the other. (Make sure to stitch one side facing down and the other facing up because you’ll twist the elastic before fastening) That’s it!

To use it, attach the hooks of the extender to the eyes of your bra, wear your bra, pull the extender around your waist to the back, then attach the eyes of your extender to the hooks of your bra.


The droopy straps

If your straps keeping falling off your shoulder when you just happen to be wearing a strapless top/dress, don’t worry, it can be fixed.

What you’ll need:


Cut a thin and short strip of the ribbon (just about the thickness of your top’s strap. Turn your top inside out and stitch one end of the ribbon on one end of the top’s strap.

Stitch one part of the press stud (female) on the top’s strap and the male on the ribbon. You should have something like this:


And now you have a loop for your bra strap to sit, tucked in and out of sight.

Hope those helped. Share with a sister, cousin, aunt or friend. May we never see bra straps again.

See you on the next one ❤




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