Hair Journey

Bob Cut Crochet Braids

Hey goodies 🙂

I finally took down my kinky twists, then wore my hair in a bun for a week to minimize manipulation. Its now time for another long-ish term protective style. I’ve always wanted to have a bob cut but I’ve always been too chicken to cut my own hair, so what better way to substitute it than with crochet braids? 😀 I wanted to try kanekalon hair but I found it too slippery and the knots would keep slipping out.

The best option was a coarser textured hair, so I decided to reuse my afro kinky (fluffy kinky). And to give an illusion of straight hair, I blow dried it (on low heat of course). What a success it was! The only issue is the stiffness of the hair, but otherwise fab.

I wasn’t able to take photos of the steps because I was racing with time; my schedule is tighter than life! But I did record, thank heavens.



Here’s a tutorial of how I did it


See you on the next one ❤


9 thoughts on “Bob Cut Crochet Braids

      1. so after everything,I did my crochet braids today,but its standing out.Did u cut your’s above or below the band,I cant remember exactly how u did in the video

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