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DIY Studs & Rings Storage

Hello goodies 🙂

The amount of work waiting for me as I do this is hilarious! Anyway, I didn’t come here to rant so let’s get to it. I got fed up by my stud earrings being stuffed in a box somewhere because it would take forever to get a complete pair in the morning. So I went on Pinterest to find a solution, and I did.

What you’ll need:


Basically you’ll stick the rings and studs in between rolls of fleece. First cut pieces of fleece that are the width of the box and twice the length.


Then roll up the fleece and glue/sew the end.


There’s your first roll.


Make a number of these to fill the box.


And there you have it. Now just stick your rings and studs in between the rows. The texture of the fabric will keep them from moving around. Instead of fleece you could also use sponge rolls.


Luckily my box had a clear case.


At least I was able to find those lone earrings. You can use a shoe box cover if you have more jewellery, I may just have to too.



See you on the next one.



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