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DIY Garter

Hey goodies. Do remember your mothers today and show them love every single day πŸ™‚ They deserve much much more!

Did you know about the bridal garter tradition? Its pretty much like the bouquet toss, only that this one is for the single men. So the groom removes a lace garter from the bride’s thigh and tosses it to the single men. Whoever it lands on will be the next one to tie the knot. Bridal traditions are odd πŸ˜€

With time garters have evolved from that, to functional bands that held up stockings or socks, and now to fashion accessories.

Making your own is really simple. You’ll need:

  • elastic; preferably black
  • a pair of scissors
  • chalk
  • needle and thread/sewing machine

First, wrap the elastic around your thigh, mark with chalk and cut off the first piece. Depending on your design, cut as many pieces as you need. I wanted three.


One at a time, sew the ends together to create circles. I stitched squares for extra security.


Try them on to make sure they fit you perfectly. If they are too loose then they can easily slip. If they are too tight then they will be uncomfortable; and who wants muffin thighs? πŸ˜€

Cut another piece of elastic to go across the strips to hold them together and stitch it onto them (attach it onto the joint so as to hide the stitching). You can also add another one across the back.


That’s it. Reminds me of Mr. and Mrs. Smith πŸ˜€ Feel free to go on; stud it, bedazzle it; whatever rocks your boat.



Now you have something to wear with your shorts or underneath your slit skirts.

See you on the next one



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