DIY projects

My Two-Tone Paint Job

Hey there.

Yes so I promised I’d show you what I was doing with my room. I didn’t take pictures at every step because I was tired and just wanted to be done.

You know those things you’re so excited to do but when you get down to it you wonder what you got yourself into? This was one of those. I almost gave up, but the final result I had imagined in my head kept me going.

My room was this old washed out cream (common colour of rented houses in my area) 😀

I wanted to do the alternating matte and gloss in a chevron pattern but I was too tired to start drawing squares on the wall, so I opted for a simple horizontal scheme; which I fell in love with just the same.

Took me a total of 3 days from start to finish, and I’ve never been so proud!

See you on the next one.


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