DIY projects · Hair Journey

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Hey there. Been a while ey?

I started blogging for the sole purpose of sharing my joys: taking care of my natural hair and inspiring others to do the same, and sharing ideas of DIY projects, some of my own and some inspired by others. I must say I love blogging, even though I don’t do it as often as I’d like. Its as if I have all these friends in this world wide web (in the real world too).

Its why we are here 🙂

So I’ve decided to take it a step further: vlogging. Its scary I know, I’m freaked; but it can’t be that bad. Why, you ask? Well why not? I mean, its the same thing, different medium. I’ll still have posts for all you readers out there 🙂 Just an add-on.

I don’t have waist length, luscious, puff-that-you-cannot-handle kind of hair or anything; I’m just in love with taking care of my hair and sharing with others how to. So bear with me.

I also cannot wait for all the DIY projects in store, I’ve even written a list 😀 yes, I’m one of those. I’ll show you how I’m preparing my ‘studio’ (bedroom lol). Its also an excuse to redo my room, something I’ve been postponing for too long now.

I’ve debated on whether I’ll be able to balance recording and editing with school, now that my holiday’s almost over; but anything is possible. You’re your only obstacle.

I want the magic!

Take  Continue the journey with me? See you on the next one.


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