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DIY Ombre Top

Hey there DIYers. Back for another one.

So I saw this ombre denim shirt at Mr. Price for Kshs.2200 and I was like lol nope. That price is unneccessary πŸ˜€ Then I realized its just been bleached. The things we pay for sometimes.

So right to it. What you’ll need:


Oh and gloves. Very important.


Decide the pattern your going for and tie the rubber bands where you want the ombre effect to stop. Mix the bleach according to the instructions (for whitening/bleaching) and submerge the item of clothing to the point where the rubber bands are; slightly lower because of capillary action; science πŸ˜›


Ideally you should leave that in for about 30 minutes, pull a bit out and leave for another 30 minutes, pull again and leave for another 30 minutes, and so forth so as to get that light to dark ombre effect; but being me, I completely forgot about it πŸ˜€ Its only after it started raining when I remembered there was a DIY in progress. This is how it turned out:


No worries, it’ll suffice. So after you have successfully bleached your item of clothing as intended, get your detergent and fabric softener, wash as usual and let dry.




Photo bombed byΒ chilling Pete πŸ˜€


I still love it. With such projects, nothing is ever a fail. See you on the next one.


– Its not what you have, but who you have in your life that matters the most.


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