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Protective Styling | Faux Locs

Hey there people.

So my crotchet braids finally came down. They still looked good, got so many compliments about them, most people wondering how I did them myself πŸ˜€ But yeah, it was about time.

I have succumbed to the faux locs craze. If you don’t know what those are, its just your hair wrapped with synthetic hair to make it look like dreadlocks. As usual I ran to youtube and watched a couple of tutorials and the safest to me was this one by Naptural85, my all time hair crush πŸ™‚

The common method is wrapping hair that’s already in extensions, either twists or box braids; but jeez that bulk though, not to mention the number of not-so-cheap packs you’ll need. This method is less bulky, cheaper, and makes for flexible locs. So let’s get to it: you’ll need cheap synthetic hair to create length and some kind of kinky synthetic hair to wrap; I’m using the marley hair I used for my crotchet braids.

I’m working on twists, because I’m afraid of matting if my hair is just open under there for about another 5 weeks.

First, add some of the cheap hair to your hair for length if your hair is short. I didn’t add directly at the root because the wrapping will make it tighter, so to give me room at my roots, I added it way lower. Braid it in at least till where your hair ends then you can leave it open because its going to be covered anyway.


To wrap, take a piece of the kinky hair and fluff it to give you more ‘wrapping area’. Fold a bit of the end onto your twist like so:

IMG_20150102_194919Wrap a few times around the base to secure, the just continue tightly till you get to the end; making sure to cover the hair completely without leaving gaps. If you run out of wrapping hair, simply add another piece the same way, slightly above where the previous piece ended. Lol I hope it makes sense; the point is to make sure it doesn’t slip. That’s why you need kinky hair to wrap, one that won’t slip off.

When you get to the end you should be left with two short pieces, the hair underneath and the wrapping piece. I the rapping piece is still long, simply cut it short; you can use the remainder for another loc. Wrap until you have no wrapping piece left, then use the hair underneath to wrap up to secure. Finally burn the end, which I’m hoping is way past where your hair reaches, and give it a palm roll to close it off:


Here’s how mine turned out


I can’t tell you how long it took because I did them in two days because I had to leave the house and when I came back I was too lazy to finish them πŸ˜› Its really simple, so a few hours would be enough; note that ‘few’ is relative πŸ˜€

So yeah, this is my protective style for the next couple of weeks. Would you try this?

Thanks for stopping by. See you on the next one.



7 thoughts on “Protective Styling | Faux Locs

  1. Chick!!!!!
    Si you are determined…..
    I’m soooo impressed😍😍😍
    They look really nice….
    Can you do with yarn?

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