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DIY Peel-Off Base Coat

Hey there DIYers. I hope your month started off well.

I saw this on Instagram and I felt I had to share. We nail art lovers need this especially when it comes to doing things like water marble and ombre nails. You just can’t avoid the messy edges that take forever to clean up using a Q-tip; okay maybe not so long, but no one would mind cutting down the effort yes? So that’s what the peel-off base coat helps with.

What you need:


You may have to clean the bottle a bit, I did so with nail polish remover. Then mix the glue and warm water in it (more of glue than water to avoid making it too runny). The warm water is just to loosen the glue a bit because its quite thick. There you have it.


How to use it:

IMG_20141205_040148Since we’re here, I might as well share how I do my ombre nails. You’ll need your nail polishes and a tight sponge, preferably a make up sponge.Apply your usual base coat, then our peel-off base coat on your edges only. Apply the pattern you want on the sponge:

PicsArt_1417787458354Dab dab dab on your nail, making sure to blend the two (or more) colours. Your edges will be a hot mess! Wait for the nail polish to dry then peel off the base coat from one side; and there you have it:


Simple right? I think this would look better if I used red in the middle to give it that ombre look from maroon to pink, but I still love it.


Would you try this? See you on the next one 🙂


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