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Protective Styling | Crotchet braids

Hey there.

I’m back with another one; one that will last a while at least. I’ve wanted to do these for a while now but I was afraid of it failing. Then I figured what the heck, why not. Fear is a vice!

Crotchet braids are simply braids crocheted or looped through cornrows using a latch hook or bobby pin.

So I went and bought a latch hook (shs. 250 from Atul’s on Biashara Street) and Marley braids; because they have a more natural look and can be styled and manipulated. I bought two #1 and one #350, though I ended up using only one black and a bit of the #350.

I washed, deep conditioned and stretched my hair in braids in the morning and let it air dry for a few hours. Then I braided cornrows, twice as many in the front for a fuller look. Didn’t bother with neatness because they’re going to be covered anyway 😛 Not too tight of course.


I cut the braids into two; they were too long for my liking. So to crotchet, slide the open latch hook under the cornrow, fold the braid in the middle and hook it, close the latch and pull through to the other side of the cornrow, remove the latch hook, pull the two ends through the loop and tighten to secure in place; not to tight though. Its supposed to a protective style remember?


The same thing can be done using a bobby pin, but its more tedious and takes longer. The spacing depends on how full you want your head to the appear. They are easy to remove if you want to reduce volume. So this is how it turned out. I left out my delicate edges because I don’t like pulling at them.


Crazy right? 😀 Trim and shape to your liking. I took out some, it was just too big for me!

After that, section by section, I brushed the hair to get rid of the existing curl, curled using perm rods and dipped them in hot water. Somehow it was 11pm 😀 So I decided to sleep with the rods on; it makes no difference no how long you keep them on, as long as they have been dipped in hot water you can undo them immediately. I was just tired.

This was the result this morning.


I love it! Will definitely do this more often. Oh, and the best part is you can use whichever kind of hair you prefer. I plan to keep this on for at least a month, if not more. I don’t have a choice anyway, my exams are just around the corner so I won’t have as much time on my hands. I try my best to work my hair into my schedule.

See you on the next one.



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