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Trimming | Twist out

Hey there πŸ™‚ Happy New Month!

So twist outs have been my go-to style for a while; and I decided to trim my ends during wash day yesterday. My last trim was probably at the beginning of the year, and its November so about time.

Why trim:

  • Remove split ends that that ride up your strands and hinder length retention.
  • Remove knots; they lead to breakage every time you detangle.
  • Heat/Chemical damage; this can be noticed through change in curl pattern. For example if your ends are thinner and do not curl like the rest of the strand due to loss of the cuticle.
  • To be able to notice significant growth. Hair doesn’t stop growing, though sometimes we don’t see it because as it grows from the roots, the old ends thin out and break off = no difference in length. Once you rid yourself of those scraggly ends, you may be able to witness new length.
  • As part of your regimen; hair wears and tears just like everything else. The old ends become weak and thin and need to be cut off.


I’m trimming because my ends have started thinning, so my twists end up having broom-like ends πŸ˜€ I prefer trimming my hair in twists because I can see where the thinning starts.

This time I cowashed instead of shampooing because I did that last week. So cowash, then deep condition and here we are. Terry this is for you πŸ™‚

I applied my oil mix (JBCO and coconut) to my scalp and ends and began. Take a section of hair, apply whatever product you’re using, detangle, separate into two and twist. Try make the parts as equal as possible if trimming to make sure you trim off equal length. I twist using Alberto Balsam Styling Paste. Its my truth, keeps my twists defined for days. Took me about an hour and a quarter.


See how clear the demarcation is. That’s where I snip. This is what healthy ends look like πŸ˜€ nice and blunt.


I leave my twists in overnight under my satin scarf and undo them in the morning. I don’t use a shower cap to let my hair soak in the steam and plump up (I don’t mind the shrinkage). Then simply undo the twists, separate to your liking or wear them as they are. You may also need to lift your roots a little with a hair pick to create volume and get rid of visible parts; and this is possible if detangling was thorough.


I’ll probably wear it like this for two days then do an updo for the rest of the week to protect my ends.

Do you trim your hair? How often?

See you on the next one.




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