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DIY Lace Choker

Hey there 🙂
Hope everyone’s weekend was lovely, wasn’t the weather? Well here in Nairobi.

So anyway, I’m not into jewellery so much, but these I love. They take literally 5 minutes to make and they be so soft you even forget you’re wearing one.

What you’ll need…



These hooks I got from a jewellery shop on River Road for shs. 50 I think, for 15 in a pack 😀
Right to it:


Measure your neck, how tight/loose you want it; then cut that length of lace.


Thread your needle and stitch the hook into one of the holes on the lace ribbon, just make sure its kinda far from the edge.

Disclaimer – if you’re looking for a professional jewellery maker, feel free to leave 😀 I just make do with what I have.

Where were we… Do a couple of stitches through the hook hole to fix it tight. And there you have it! To wear it, just hook into one of the holes on the other end.



That’s the back 👆I love it! I think I’ll make a million of these.

QOTD – If you miss a beat, you create another.
See you on the next one.


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