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Length Check | Night routine

Hey there.
So yesterday I straightened my hair. Its been a while, like 10weeks I think. Gathered some courage and went to the salon; to Aggie, a really gentle hairdresser, I love her 🙂
Before getting your hair blow dried,  prep it by conditioning to moisturize and strengthen. So that you don’t walk out looking like you dipped your head in a frying pan.
So I’ve achieved my shoulder length goal, woop! I’ve trimmed my hair a couple of times; trimming off relaxed ends, when I got dreadlocks the guy really cut it and when I was evening it out. Time to make a new one. Now to get to back length 😁. In the meantime, remember: Health before length.


I am in love with the body. Some volume to go with that 🙂

Since we’re here, I might as well share with you my night routine for straight hair.
Whenever I have straight hair, I wrap it at night, like so:




Wrapping helps to maintain the shine and keeps your hair straight. Also helps with breakage, especially of you sleep like you’re in the Olympics 😀 All that rubbing = friction = breakage.
After that, the usual: silk/satin scarf then slumber.
So that’s where I am now.
Until the next one.


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