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Wash Day | Braids

Hello there.

Look at my forehead whole face breaking out. 😥 Jeez Louise!

Anyway, to the business of the day, I’ve had my braids in for the past two weeks, moisturizing and oiling twice or thrice a week. With this cold weather my hair has been drying out a bit too fast. Its now due for a wash. I’ll take you through my typical braid wash day.

I’ve not use shampoo for a while now, been co washing for the past four washes. Today I decided to shampoo to remove probable build up and because my mum got these lovely body washes and shampoos from some hotel. So I shampooed and conditioned using my current favorite, Suave Naturals.

So everything is the same except I dilute my shampoo and conditioner when washing braids. I believe its important because the last thing you need is some of that thick shampoo or conditioner stuck between your braids until you wash again. I doubt it would smell great. Diluting gives them better slip through the braids.

I didn’t dilute the shampoo though because it was really not viscous. Shampooed as usual, twice, massaging and rubbing the scalp with the fingertips, (not nails,especially if they aren’t filed) you don’t want to yank out strands; like those hairdressers who literally scratch your scalp leaving you all hot-headed.

I then poured a little conditioner in my spray bottle and diluted it well.

PicsArt_1404645725585Sprayed it on my scalp and massaged it in. I poured the remainder all over the braids and squeezed it in continuously to make sure the hair shaft and ends are also conditioned; they need it most being the oldest part of your hair.

Took me about 10 minutes before rinsing it out. Squeaky clean 🙂

After shaking like a dog, I dried the hair with a towel and let it air-dry for about 10 minutes. Synthetic hair dries pretty fast.


Disclaimer: the above photos were taken at different times of day, hence the light difference.

See how the before looks so lifeless, and the after quite fresh. Look at those clean roots. Ah 🙂 ready to take on another week.

I didn’t use a leave in conditioner because my current one is really drying out my hair, so its leaving my cabinet. When almost completely dry, I sealed my hair using my oil mixture (coconut, olive and castor oil) which I had to heat up because the coconut oil had solidified a little; so I kinda did a hot oil treatment no? 😀


So that’s how my wash day went down. See you on the next one.




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