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Bracelet Holder

Hey there,, I’m back. Today let’s recycle 🙂

Is it just me who has bangles and bracelets just lying around everywhere in the house? If you do too then I got you. Let’s make a holder/stand for those no?

What you’ll need:


Tissue paper rolls; three are good. If you have paper towel rolls then that’s even better because you’ll only need one.

Old CD holder thingy.

Glue or tape.


1. Cut a hole in the middle of one roll then glue/tape it to the ‘stick’ like so:


2. Then glue/tape the other two rolls on both sides like so:


And its all done. Easy peasy. It looks really dull and untidy though; you can cover it with fabric, wrapping paper or just paint it. I was feeling lazy so I spray painted it 😛 Then just slap on your bracelets/bangles/arm candies and there you have it.

Remember your physics though; balance the two sides 😀

Here’s how mine turned out.




QOTD: Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working – Pablo Picasso.

See you on the next one.


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