Hair Journey

Protective Styling | Dreadlocks

Hey there. Hasn’t it been a while?


1. Do more protective styles.

2. Exercise more.

Yet another hair post. We’ve talked about protective hairstyles and how we need them more than we think. So I went all out and got dreadlocks on 2nd May. Yes I did.

My mother took me, she’s had dreadlocks for a year I think; hers and nice, plump and healthy. She has been telling me to get them and lose the ‘stress’. So finally I listened to her.

Why, you may ask. Well, I was in need of a long-term.ish protective style and they came to mind. The ‘locksmith’ (I know that’s the guy for door locks and padlocks, but we’ll use that for now 😀 ) told me that they’ll probably lock after 6 months to a year; but I won’t keep them in for that long. Maybe three months, then undo them; then we’ll see if I want them again. I am not a fan of permanence.

So the experience was interesting, but with one con. Turns out some of my ends were still relaxed, so those had to be chopped off 😦 The last thing you want during your hair journey is losing some inches; feels like backtracking yeah? Oh well, an arrow is first pulled back to fly forward yes? The result was really short dreadlocks that I didn’t know what to do with. So I decided to braid them, at least until they grow a little so I can at least tie a ponytail! So now my hair is dreadlocked and in braids; haha. Double trouble, without the trouble 😛

At least now my hair is protected, from me especially. All I have to do is moisturize.

Another thing, I finally joined a gym. That’s another resolution to cross off the list. I must say, I love working out. I tried doing it at home, but that was the biggest fail ever. I just couldn’t keep it up; so the gym it was. I’ve paid for it so I have to go and I enjoy it now. Nothing feels as good as working up a good sweat. I’m sure we know all the good it brings, among them being increasing blood circulation; which is necessary for the scalp to promote hair growth.

So overall I am very proud of myself. And I will stay patient and keep up taking care of this hair and it will take care of me.
See you on the next one.




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