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Protective Styling

Hey there.

So what is this protective styling we always hear about? Turns out it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I’ll just add to that list of definitions.

Protective styling to me is an kind of ‘do’ that protects your hair from constant manipulation by you, damage from heat or chemicals and also keeps your ends nice and tucked away; your ends being the oldest part of your hair means that they are the weakest and easiest to lose. I think these include cornrows, braids, up dos or pretty much anything that will stay on for a while without being disturbed.

I’ve had my hair ‘open’ for a while and I think its time I let it relax now. I wanted to do a bun,, but my hair is too shrunken for that lol 😀

So a pin up will suffice for now. That’s what I ended up doing.

I’m planning to keep this in for at least a week. To be honest, my wallet’s kinda short and I wanted to braid this hair but oh well; a broke girl still gotta look good 😀

So what you’ll need is: bobby pins and 10 minutes of our time.

IMG_20140428_165438 IMG_20140428_165802

  • First I moisturized an old twist out; see that jungle!
  • Starting from the back, part horizontally (they don’t have to be even), slightly twist the hair, tuck it in and pin down to create a pompadour. Make it as loose as you like to create body, like so:
  • IMG_20140428_172830


  • Then just keep going till you get to the top. That simple

I like how it turned out, presentable 😛 but I think it looks better in a fedora 🙂 so its a hat week for me. (even though I’ll be hiding it 😛 )


Its easy to accessorize with bows, bandanas, headbands e.t.c… I hope you give it a try too. See you on the next one.






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