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Strappy Bralette

Hey there.

I’m supposed to be baking and here I am. Its gonna be a long night for me today.

Anyway, I saw this photo and I had to have it 🙂


Perfect for those backless dresses when you still need support. Not everyone can go commando (bra-wise) lol. So let’s make one shall we?

What you’ll need:

1. An old bra; I used one that had become loose.

2. Scissors; of course.

3. Measuring tape.

4. Needle and thread.

5. Elastic; you can get this from fabric shops; black preferably.

First, you need to cut off the back of the bra; cut where the boning is.


Then measure your back length; to determine how long you’ll cut the elastic. You’ll need to cut the elastic a few inches/centimeters less so that it holds well. I mean, its elastic :P. Cut three of those.

Measure also how long you want the straps to be; or to be sure, measure existing straps from another bra of yours. You should now have 5 pieces.


Sew one of the three pieces onto the inside of the part you cut on the bra.


Sew the other end as well, making sure its straight and not twisted.

Sew all the three pieces and you should have something like this.


If you want a strapless one, you can stop here 🙂 If not, let’s continue.

Take one of the two strap lengths and place it on top of the three horizontal straps, sewing it onto each strap; and finally at the front as well. Do this for both straps and you should end up with something like this.


And there you have it.

I couldn’t show you how it looks like worn because I don’t have a backless top or dress; and I’m not about to pose semi-naked here. This calls for shopping, yes? 😀

See you on the next one.

QOTD – If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door – Milton Berle.



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