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Cowash day and Resolutions

Hey there.

I totally forgot that I was to buy henna. Meh, maybe it was a sign. Anyway, to the business for the day.

I was so lazy yesterday, I just cowashed (wash with conditioner instead of shampoo) because my hair wasn’t really dirty, didn’t even deep condition; I think my hair has been doing okay of late, so I don’t feel like I need to deep condition ever so often.

Products used today:

  • Conditioner
  • Castor oil (scalp)
  • Olive oil (hair)

So anyway I tried a new conditioner this time, Suave Naturals, and it is beyond amazing; from Nakumatt for shs.325. I used it to detangle and to cowash.



No combs were used by the way, finger-detangled this time. Took more time but I experienced less breakage, so I can’t complain. Then I applied my oils, did bantu knots on my damp hair and left them over night to dry. This was my second time trying it and it wasn’t so bad, and not so good either 😛 lol. So I just put it up in a puff using an old stocking leg I cut 😀



This conditioner though, as in my hair is so soft, I can pick my roots with ease. I haven’t used heat (blow dry) on my hair for 3 months now and my hair loves the break. Its thicker and fuller than it was before, stronger too. I’m gonna push it till the end of the year hopefully. My hair has become easier to manage so that shouldn’t be too hard.

Resolutions for the rest of the year:

  • Finger-detangling; it has cut down on my breakage so goodbye combs, for now.
  • Pushing my no-heat routine.
  • Working out and swimming too; gotta get me a swim cap soon 😛
  • More protective styling; this far I have come I have to maintain this hair. I promise to share all of them 🙂


In other news,, have you people heard about T444z hair food? I just did today morning.


Its an all-natural kind of hair food with plenty of benefits. You can read about it some more here. They even have ‘testimonials’; for lack of a better word. Sounds legit too. May just try it; and tell you about it.

Anyway, see you on the next one.





8 thoughts on “Cowash day and Resolutions

  1. I usually don’t care much for hair, as long as it looks presentable, but your blog has just inspired me to start caring!! And oh, I’ve been looking, frantically searching for rose water, and I couldn’t find it, so I definitely have to go to super cosmetics! I nearly plucked all the roses at home to make me some, haha. God knows how expensive good facial toners are! The Nivea ones are like 800+ shs 😦 I love this blog!:-)

    1. Thanks 🙂
      An itchy scalp is probably due to a dry scalp, try moisturize both hair and scalp. Or even a product that your scalp doesn’t like, investigate. Hope that helps 🙂

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