DIY projects


Hey there DIYers.

So I got tired of wearing my white tee as it is, rather plain. Then I remembered something I did in kindergarten with potatoes; light bulb! Stamping! 😀

Yeah so here’s what you’ll need:


1. White t shirt/top/whatever tickles your fancy.

2. Fabric/Acrylic paint. I got a pack of 6 for shs.400 at Text Book Centre, good enough deal. They also sell singles at shs.70.

3. Paint brush.

4. Potato, yes potato, that you’re willing to sacrifice.

5. Knife.

First, decide what shape/pattern you want. I chose a diamond.

Cut your potato in half, emboss your shape on it, then paint it like you want it to appear, like so:


Press it on the garment for like 5 seconds, lol I don’t know. 😛 Oh yah, and you probably want to put something like cardboard in between to prevent the paint from going all the way to the back, unless that’s what you’re into.


Keep going till you’re satisfied. Then let it dry for a couple of hours; and there you have it 🙂


The paint is waterproof so no worries about it being a one time thing.

QOTD – Doors are for people with no imagination. – Derek Landy.

See you on the next one.


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