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Product Story

Hello there. Ah! That picture has just made my day 😀

So yesterday a friend of mine asked me what she needed for her natural hair journey; she has decided to transition, so excited. 🙂 Then I figured I might as well write about it for anyone else who has been thinking about it.

Let me start by saying that you don’t have to do it yourself; nowadays there are a couple of salons with that kind of expertise, or just really nice and friendly hair dressers who are ready to listen to your contributions. So if you are felling lazy and don’t want to do it yourself, then you don’t have to. I decided to do it myself because I felt like it. I did my research, went through a couple of trial and errors (still going through some) and I love it. I’m no expert or anything, I just know what my hair likes.

Anyway the following has helped me on my journey; and hopefully they will help you too:


  • Sulphate-free shampoo – sulphate is what they use in detergents :O you might as well wash your hair with OMO then! Frankly its too harsh and it strips your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and nappy.
  • Silicon-free conditioner – they’re cheap and all but all it does is coat your strands with silicon, because its not water soluble = build up; meaning you’ll need those OMOs to wash it off. 😛 It leaves your hair nice and soft though, because of the coating. Well I have one, truth be told, because of that reason. But I seldom use it.
  • Leave-in conditioner.
  • Deep conditioning treatment(s); I have three because my hair kinda ‘gets used to’ one, then it just does nothing for it. So I exchange every once in a while.
  • Oils that are mineral-oil free, if that made sense. Like olive, coconut, castor, jojoba oils etc…(natural oils if you may). Mineral oils don’t penetrate but coat, so not of much help. Though they work just fine for some people, so its up to you really.
  • Water based moisturizer; that you can use frequently. Our hair dries up pretty fast.
  • Styling product e.g gel; if you’re into that. I’m not, so I don’t have any.


  • Wide toothed comb; for detangling – because I detangle when damp and this is the safest.
  • Bobby pins; for those days when your hair goes haywire, pun intended.
  • Hair bands; for those ponytail/puff days.
  • Silk/satin scarf for sleeping in; to keep the moisture in.

That’s all I use, simple enough. My life doesn’t depend on it so yeah. 😀 Feel free to add/remove from the list. What matters is what works for you because no one else has beautiful hair like yours. 🙂

Read labels, know what you’re buying and eventually you’ll figure out what your hair likes and what it doesn’t. If it works for you, then stick to it; and remember that you don’t have to be a product junkie or do what everyone does, because it may get to your wallet, or your patience 😛

See you on the next one.


4 thoughts on “Product Story

  1. I’m in the natural hair process and I only use two products; alberto balsam (sp) shampoo and a mixture of olive oil and castor oil. Those two oils have proved to me that I bought conditioner for nothing lol. Occasionally I treat my hair with Jojoba and hot oil mixture. Ok those are three products -__- but that’s what I use lol! The shampoo isn’t sulphate free but I’m not worried cause I only wash my hair once a week and the olive and castor oil work like magic! Super moisture.

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