Hair Journey

Henna | Part 1

Welcome back 🙂

Woke up in the morning with henna on my mind. Remember about my limp hair problem in the Protein – Moisture Balance post and how my hair needed strength? It had me thinking about henna.

Henna (Lawsonia Inermis), that name cracks me up every time :D, is a plant who’s leaves are used as a natural dye for nails, body art and hair. Thing is it only comes in one colour, red-orange tint; but of course if your hair is naturally dark, then you’ll only notice a not-so-big difference under sunlight, but its lovely. In your quest though, if you do embark on one, you’ll come across terms like red henna, black henna, indigo and many other colours. These are not purely henna, other chemicals have been added to alter the final colour you’ll get.

Pure henna dyes hair red-orange.

I used henna on my hair I think three times last year. Why, you ask:

  • For starters, its a natural hair dye that’s subtle enough.
  • It strengthens hair and makes it less prone to breakage and damage.
  • Its anti-fungal; helped me with my dandruff problem. *hides* 😀
  • It also helps loosen your curl pattern; your hair ‘lays’ better, I guess because of the weight due to layering of the dye on your strands.
  • My best one: Gives body and density to limp hair; again because of the layers of dye due to frequent application.

As always there are two sides to every coin, so the downside:

  • Colour isn’t guaranteed; because a lot of factors play: maybe it wasn’t harvested or prepared right, or the specific parent plant just wasn’t feeling this colour thing too much.
  • Some people don’t want to lose their tight curl pattern.
  • Many people complain that it drys hair. Well to some extent yes it does, so if you want to use it make sure your moisture level is where its supposed to be and stays there.
  • Henna layers yah? So if you use it frequently then just stop, your hair will be nice and thick but your new growth will have a different texture and structure creating an ‘area of weakness’ which may lead to breakage. Its okay if you want a one time thing, but if you’re gonna be a regular on the henna ride then BE a regular.

I want to become a regular, so I did some research. Heaven bless Google.

I dyed my hair what, three weeks ago, so I needed to know if I would end up with green hair or wake up on a hairy pillow. 😀 Turns out PURE henna is okay to use on chemically treated hair. Yay! No need to panic; but first I will have to do a strand test to be sure i.e apply it on a strand and judge the outcome.

I have used a brand from Sudan, I hope I still find it in shops.

So this was the theory. 😛 If you want to read some more on it check out Henna for Hair.

See you on the next one for mixing, application and results; and styling too. I’ve missed styling my hair.

QOTD – Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. 🙂


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