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Born Studder

Hey there.

Yet another DIY post, on studs! Who doesn’t love studs? I know I do. Sadly I couldn’t find a shop that sells them until a while ago when a friend of mine stumbled upon them on an online store called Unique Accessories on Instagram; I don’t know if she has a Facebook page, I can’t find it. Anyway, I had to buy them: star-shaped ones and square/diamond-shaped ones; depending on your perspective 😛

I love them because they are so simple to ‘install’ for lack of a better word. They have prongs at the back that you bend flat to hook to whatever it is you’re studding. She also had those that are screwed in place, but I guess you need to make a hole for those; eep! :O

So I’ve had this blue hand-me-down sweater for a while now and have worn it once I think :P. Frankly its too plain; well there are those plain days, but how often? Its about time it stopped being so flat, and now with this current Nairobi weather I’ll need all the sweaters I can get.

Things you’ll need:

  • Studs: mine are the prongy ones.
  • Item to be studded; mine’s a sweater.


Come up with a pattern i.e how you’ll place your studs. I’m doing mine along the shoulder line.

So one stud at a time, press it in and bend the prongs flat, so that it hooks to your garment; like so:

IMG_20140407_181335           IMG_20140407_181508

(Excuse the broken nail, I was caught unaware 😀 The matter shall be looked into asap)

Do that for all the studs along the length or circumference or whatever; and you’re all done! 🙂
IMG_20140407_182000Easy peasy yah? 🙂 That’s how mine turned out. And now for some selfies!


IMG_20140407_182450  IMG_20140407_182524

I also put some on my tomy tackies a while back:


“Creativity is contagious pass it on” – Albert Einstein

See you on the next one.






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