Hair Journey

Daily Moisturizing

Hey there.

I really never know how to start these.
There was a time when the only kind of moisture my hair received was during shampooing. Then after that we would have the conventional thorough blow drying to get that sleek straight hair. So the last thing I would think of was adding moisture and having my hair reverting to that steel wool shrinkage!

Whenever my hair got dry, I would oil it i.e use pomade or ‘hair food’; basically mineral oils and fragrance. Little did I know that I was starving my poor tresses. What that ‘hair food’ does is coat the hair strands with petrolatum making it look shiny, giving the impression that your hair isn’t dry, yet in the process it locks moisture out; you know, oil and water don’t mix…

You can still moisturize and maintain length with store-bought moisturizers, just make sure the first ingredient is water (aqua). I use ORS Shea Butter Lotion when my hair is straight or stretched.

I know, those -ones and -ols scare me a bit too but meh, it’ll have to do.
So yah, but if my hair is braided or in a ‘fro or a twist out (when I don’t have to worry about shrinkage), then God-given water does it for me; and coconut oil to seal. I always have a spray bottle with a mixture of water and glycerin handy that I use every other day, or at least when I remember that there’s hair on this head 😀 Glycerin because its a humectant, so it’ll absorb/attract moisture from the generous atmosphere and quench these strands.
But recently I did some research on rose water, yes water with rose essence I guess, lol. Turns out those lovely flowers are not just good to look at. When boiled/heated with water, to make rose water, it has numerous beneficial uses:
  • Rose water is used as a toner for skin, making it glowy, moisturized and calms acne among other good things.
  • When it comes to hair, a rose water massage improves blood circulation to the scalp thus promotes growth of stronger healthier hair; it also helps with hair loss.

So I made a trip to my beloved Super Cosmetics and found a bottle. I cannot recall the price but not more than shs.150. These receipts are proving more and more necessary. Anyway, there’s even one that’s already mixed with glycerin, but I had glycerin at home so no need.

And there it is.
At the moment my hair is braided so I can go crazy with this mix, no worries.
Generally what we need to take away from this is that you should never leave your hair dry; and not just on the outside, but from the inside too. Drink water like your life depends on it; oh yah, it does 😛
Ingestion is probably even better than application yah? I think so.
Stay moisturized.
See you on the next one.

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