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Protein-Moisture Balance

Hey there.
So today I learnt something new. I have been wanting to do a protein treatment on my hair for a while now, but for all the wrong reasons; because I’ve seen many naturals do it. Shame on me, I know.
So I decided to research about it, get the facts straight, see if its really necessary.

We all know that our hair is protein in nature thanks to our biology teachers; yah, that’s not news. And like anything else that grows, hair needs moisture too; that’s why we have moisturizers and leave-ins and what nots. Protein gives our hair strength and structure, moisture gives it elasticity.
There needs to be a balance between the protein and moisture; too much is poison you know, and neither can work well without the other.

The sure way to know if your balance is correct is to assess your hair when wet. Well mine is really soft (something that made me very happy because, well who doesn’t want soft hair :D) and when I pull it, it really stretches and eventually breaks 😥 Talk about a million steps back.


  • Overly soft hair that’s too stretchy and breaks easily when pulled when wet = too much moisture and not enough protein in your regimen.
  • Hair that’s really dry, snappy and hard = very little moisture in your regimen.

Low protein levels result from relaxing or colour-treating hair. Such processes alter the protein structure of your hair; well because relaxing changes your structure all together to get that sleek look and feel, and dyes get in there and do something to change your natural hair colour :P. Don’t really feel like going into the science behind it; and for some its just hereditary.
I got all this info from black hair science – protein and moisture. Feel free to visit and give it a read.

Its a +1 for me under the colour category and so my next project is a protein treatment to strengthen my hair and cut down on breakage my goodness! Its been a bit too much of late and I blamed the usual shedding  that happens to everyone.

So I hope someone learnt something. I did and I’m going to do something about it. Isn’t that what a journey is all about anyway?

See you on the next one!


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