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Wash Day!

Sooo… I washed my hair yesterday.
The main reason I washed it was the product build-up due to my last visit to the salon. My hair was stiff because of all the gel. 😛 Something had to be done.
So this is how my typical wash day goes:

1. Coconut oil pre-poo (pre-shampoo treatment)

Well I do this to prepare the hair for the shampoo – keep the natural oils in during shampooing. It also makes my hair manageable, you know how crazy kinky hair gets once water’s in the picture.
I just warm up the oil in hot water, divide the hair in sections and apply; scalp to ends. I then cover with a plastic shower cap and leave it in for 30minutes.


2. Shampoo/Co-wash (Conditioner wash)

Ideally I would have done a co-wash today (replacing shampoo with conditioner) because my hair was shampooed a week ago at the salon, but I wanted to get rid of all the product, as I said, so shampoo it was. I use Oliive Olive oil shampoo because its sulphate-free. I bought it at either Ebrahims Supermarket or Super Cosmetics, can’t remember, for less than shs.300 and let me tell you it has lasted.


3. Deep Conditioning

Next is deep conditioning. I use Beutisa Hot Oil Hair Cream bought from Super Cosmetics for I think shs.300 and something. Came across it when I was in the process of trial and error to find permanent products (I’m still in that process).
I apply it in sections, massage it in, cover with a plastic shower cap and leave it in for 30minutes. You can sit under a hair steamer if you have one; the heat opens up the pores to let the hair absorb all that goodness in the conditioner.
I love this conditioner because its moisture-infusing and leaves my hair really soft.


4. Detangling 

I detangle my hair before rinsing out the conditioner because it has slip so its easier to work with. Working in sections, I pass a wide-toothed comb through the hair gently to remove all those knots. And good gracious they were many! That is the last time I’m doing a straw set, because I think that’s the cause (so it took me a while-ish). I then twist the detangled sections to prevent them from tangling again. Then I rinse out the conditioner with cool water.
P.S. This is the only time during my washing process where I use a comb. I don’t comb dry hair because my hair is too brittle when dry.

5. Stretching 

Well shrinkage for some of us is on level 100! So to deal with that, I stretch it over-night using the banding method. I prefer this method because I would rather not fry my hair with a blow drier. I have not met a gentle and patient hairdresser yet who would have mercy on my mane. 😦
Before that, we need to moisturize the clean fresh hair using the LOC method:
Liquid: the hair is wet already so that’s done.
Oil: I use coconut oil all over; though any oil will suffice. This is to seal in that moisture.
Cream: Helps to further lock in the moisture, because its heavier. In the process of covering the oil, it prevents your hair from looking and feeling so greasy. You know, like after you’ve had your hair blow-dried at the salon and you leave looking like a fish. 😀

After that’s done, we can start banding. Section the hair and band it down the length with rubber bands. Like so: (looks like those ‘dabrats’ we  I mean I, speaking for myself, used to get as kids yah?)

I leave it overnight to stretch and dry completely, then remove the bands in the morning. And voila!

I usually stretch my hair if I plan on having hairdos that need length, like braids or pin-ups. If not, then I’d opt for a twist out or bantu knot out instead of stretching. Not today though.
This time I decided to cornrow my hair, myself. So I began. Took me just an hour and a half 🙂
I really wanted a bun, but my hair isn’t as long and thick, bummer, so I did what I do best, improvise.
I had some left over Afro Kinky hair, so I separated that (because it looks more like my hair without the curls) and used that to make a bun. And what do you know? Its close to my hair colour too!

Below are photos of how it turned out, not bad, but I can’t wait for the hair to become messy and make the distinct parts disappear, because that scalp will freeze, lol.
Overall, my wash day was a success, yay! 🙂 See you next time.




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