Hair Journey

Today, we Dye!

Look at what I went and did, dyed my hair! Eeep!
Well a few hints of red that are best visible under sunlight.


And boy do I like it. 🙂

I’ve wanted to have some colour in my hair for a while now and this was the day. I was referred to a salon somewhere in the CBD and I decided to give it a go. The dying process was carefully done (on unshampooed hair for the naturals oils to protect it), but heh, when it was time to shampoo and conditioning all hell broke loose.
The brother was pouring that shampoo like I had paid extra! Seriously though he used close to quarter the tub. I asked him to reduce the amount in the next round and he kinda did. Then he conditioned and went on to set it. So he suggested a straw set. I have seen it on a few heads, and the only ones I preferred were those with longer hair, but I decided meh, why not.
According to him, gel has the best hold for curls. So I decided to sit back and let him do his thing, after calling himself a professional. What he used were blobfuls, my goodness. Because of that when my hair dried, it was really stiff and not so bouncy. It looks, but doesn’t feel so good. Overall, that was my first and last time there.

So now that I have coloured hair, my regimen has to be strict and followed to the t.

  • Colour-treated hair tends to be drier and we know that your hair needs all the moisture it can get. No one wants dry, crackling hair. So hello sulphate-free shampoo to prevent stripping of moisture from the hair; well I already had one. 
  • Dye might weaken your hair and lead to breakage if you do not take up arms! So that means frequent deep conditioning for me, and a protein treatment here and there to strengthen this bad boy. I’ll put up them up on wash day, because I customize them a bit 😀
  •  Hot water is also a no-no, because it will dry your hair some more. Try lukewarm or cold water when shampooing.
  • (And this should be first on the list) Daily moisturizing with water, just a perimeter spritz will do. More than that and I’ll look like I stepped out the lake. I use water+glycerin mixture, because its a humectant and all (draws moisture to you hair), so that won’t change.

Generally we need to increase moisture and strength. Some TLC will go a long way (pun intended).
See you on wash day! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Today, we Dye!

  1. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh I loooove it!! Excuse the over-excitement lol but seriously your hair is AMAZING! And that hair style :O wow! Ahaha can I please borrow your hair? 😀

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