Hair Journey

Salutations ツ

Well hello there.

*takes deep breath* Let me introduce you to my hair. My hair type is 4C, been natural for 16months now. 


             Say hello to shrinkage 😀

(Please excuse the pathetic lighting and attempted filter; night time photos. I promise to take better ones.)

So I had natural hair throughout, up until my final year in high school when I decided to relax my hair for ‘easier’ maintenance (as if I didn’t notice that it was ‘difficult’ in the previous three years, yah? lol). 
I put ‘easier’ and ‘difficult’ in half quotation marks because those statements are not entirely true. 
Relaxed hair requires equally as much care as natural hair, if not more. Just because you hair is relaxed doesn’t mean you can sit back and do nothing for it.
So anyway, that year went on well. High school was over. Then I met the salons of the city. Mistakes:
  • I retouched my hair a bit too often, all because I was afraid to deal with new growth.  
  • Every time I went to retouch my hair the hairdresser would ‘trim’ it. Let me tell you that was not trimming! He CUT off almost an inch, every time, yet the average hair growth per month is at least half an inch. Talk about back tracking!
  • The only thing I did in between salon sessions was comb my hair, everyday. I would leave the salon with fresh, clean lovely hair and come back with dirty, dry, brittle hair; only to be damaged some more by tough chemicals and heat. 😦 
In October 2012 is when I had my last relaxer. So I, with my nape-length relaxed hair, decided enough was enough. It was time to take charge. Up until then my hair practically belonged to the hairdresser, my duty was just to carry it for him and bring it back. Sad, isn’t it?
So yah, I took up braiding; box braids and cornrows mainly.
I began researching on hair care tips and started my journey down transitioning lane. I didn’t quite fancy the big chop, a bit too scary for me. :D. I’d braid my hair, and trim off the relaxed ends as new growth appeared.
And I must say I love where I’m at now. I had to kick negligence in the butt and be very patient, and it eventually paid off. Now I have a whole head (no receding hairline :D) of natural (yes, I cut off all the relaxed hair, i think), strong and healthy hair; now just working for length. 🙂
Take the journey with me? ツ
What hair type are you? What’s your hair story?


4 thoughts on “Salutations ツ

  1. all hairdressers do that, its like they are against us growing hair so that they can sell us products that will make our hair grow when they themselves cut even more than an inch. and sadly you cant tell them coz they will give you the look of ' i know what i am doing' and clearly some of them don't..
    cant wait for more tips coz i am also going natural too:D

  2. hi kinkydictator, omg words can not explain how happy i was when i ran into ur blog because God knows i needed a good hair shink!! anyway ive been natural 11 months now and boy its no journey in the hair seems tougher than i remember it! im a hair type 4b or c im not so sure,anyway long stroy short thank you so much u have earned urself a daily subscriber.

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